Hello, I'm Keeley Taverner

Discover who you truly are. What’s breaking you, could be the making of you.

I’ll show you how you ‘sell yourself short’ and ‘screw yourself over’. Plus, I help you to see what prevents you from becoming your greatest self.

Discover who you truly are. 
What’s breaking you, could be the making of you.

Life is hurting you and it’s highly likely that it’s all gotten too much. Something I have said has spoken to you and this is no coincidence. You know that you can be a greater, better version of yourself, but finding your path has been hard. So, you’re stuck, in between a rock and a hard place, where entrenched patterns and annoying habits keep getting the best of you. You have dipped in and out of self-help books, watched Tony Robbins and Oprah, yet piecing how it all fits for you personally has you baffled. You’ve gone as far as you can alone and you need some guidance. If that’s the case, welcome, you’re in the right place, I can help you.

Does being a kind and considerate person sometimes feels like a curse?
Journey with me…

There are two paths in life. The well-worn trodden one, where life is ‘safe’, predictable and monotone. A life where people moan about problems, take no action and feel disempowered. The birthplace for common mental health problems, akin to living in the ‘Matrix’ (my favourite film). Yet, there is an alternative way to live, be and do. Firstly, you will need to wake up and notice how the small and seemingly insignificant choices you make, shape your reality. Your power lays in your choices and when we lose our power, life gets sticky. Your choices shape your reality and the quality of your life. Once you’re ‘woke’, you are free to re-create your reality on your terms or continue to go around on the same ol’ hamster wheel. The choice is yours, I respect free will.

I am more than a ‘book smart’ psychotherapist and have transitioned from victim to victor. From unskilled cashier in an abusive relationship to straight-talking, no-nonsense psychotherapist. Back in 1997, I experienced a ‘yellow bag’ epiphany when retrieving abandoned stock at the Ikea tills. An inner voice that simply said, ‘surely you can do better than this Keeley’? That ‘yellow bag’ moment changed my life and as bizarre as it may seem, my darkest moment has been my greatest inspiration.

Are you at a point where nothing is no longer working and the way forward is not so clear?

My ambition is to guide you through the process of waking up, I will be your ally and confidant. I will pay close attention to the (internal and environmental) hurdles that hamper and /or promote your way. I will be your wing mirrors, showing you hazards and revealing the small and seemingly insignificant ways you ‘sell yourself short’ and ‘screw yourself over’. Together, we will expose and inspect your self sabotaging behaviours and unearth the root cause(s). Our relationship will be genuine, unique and real. I will want what’s best for you and will respect your choices. I won’t judge you, judgement is the ultimate threat to our bond. I will help you unlock your truth so that you can discover who you truly are. I believe, that this is the birthplace for real and meaningful change. Ready when you are!

Get ‘woke’. They say ‘ignorance is bliss’, well once you’re ‘woke’, it will be impossible to go back into the oblivion where life just happened to you. You’ll start to see life as it is, rather than how you want it to be (fairy tales have a lot to answer for). You’ll know you’re implicit in creating your reality and you’ll get increasingly curious about your choices and the consequences that follow. You’ll start to experiment with life and notice the different reactions that occur.

Do you settle for less and people take liberties with you?

If you chose to take this less travelled road, you will begin to encounter your true essence. Your higher self. Your souls calling. Your purpose. A process Abraham Maslow called self-actualisation. Now, this is a spiritual walk (not religious) and not for the faint-hearted, there are no quick fixes and no coping strategies. It’s inevitable, there will be relationship causalities and triumphs along the way, that I won’t deny. Yet, what the journey will be, is real and a fully lived life. A life where you start to say ‘yes’ to you and make no apology for who you truly are. This is a life where there are no regrets, just lessons gleaned and harnessed for the greater good of others, that indirectly enrich you. We never lose, when we give.

About You. You are searching and you don’t understand how life got so complicated.

You desperately want to move beyond your current situation and you intuitively know it can be done. You may feel that fierce forces have you going around in vicious circles, or you feel trapped, hemmed in and have got to the point where you have started to doubt yourself. On really bad days, you feel overwhelmed and struggle to get out of bed. Wearing a brave face is no longer an option and uncontrollable tears stream down your face at the most inconvenient times. You may have read self-help books, gone on Yoga retreats, taken meditation classes even considered Tony Robbins ‘walk of fire’. You have tried your Doctors, swerved the medication and undergone the mandatory six rounds of CBT. Yet nothing hits the sides and change seems elusive.

Have you had the mandatory six sessions of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), yet made little or no progress?

Or perhaps, you’re the strong, tough, resilient type and prided yourself on being self-reliant. Yes, life sent you blows, but you always bounced back. You found it hard to understand how people became ‘depressed’ and thought it was a sign of weakness.

But this time, it is different, life has walloped you and left you bamboozled. You’re out for the count and you can’t fathom why you can’t bounce back? All your old coping strategies are redundant, nothing is working. You just don’t feel like you. You have never asked for help. But you’re starting to get worried and can’t shake off the bad vibes. If that’s the case, the search stops here.

Understand how you sell yourself short and why you screw yourself over

I know that you might feel trapped and struggle to sleep at night. The problems keep swirling around your head, has it really come to this? You can’t fathom how being a decent, kind and caring person has caused you so much pain. Well, the reason is, at times, you’re a ‘yes’ person and have poor boundaries, that enables people to take advantage of you. Plus, you make numerous justifications for people’s nonsense and ignored bad behaviour all in the name of hope, hope that things will one day be better. I know that darkness and despair.

So, you muted your truth, lost your voice and slowly you have lost yourself. You’re out of sync with who you truly are and life is grim. Your instincts may have warned you, but that truth was too inconvenient, so you ignored it and now there is no denying it. You're overwhelmed. It's starting to fully dawn on you, you’ve been taken for a ride and it hurts like hell. If that’s the case, then I can help you to understand, this has been my walk and I can help you make sense of your situation.

“Take care of you, because if you don't, who will?”

― Keeley Taverner

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